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This blog came about out of my experiences. I'm a former Marine Scout Sniper & deployed to Iraq 2 times. After getting honorably discharged, I contracted in Afghanistan for 2 years, and was fortunate enough to travel to 26 countries in the process. With no plan, I quit contracting and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. I started fighting and had my first 2 fights in Thailand. Utilizing my GI Bill, I moved to California and started going to college to support my new fighting habit. I had no intention of finishing school, but garnered a bachelor's degree from Cal State Long Beach; with a degree in marketing. In June of 2018, I earned my Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu and moved to Texas the following week.

San Antonio has introduced me to some amazing experiences. I often deliver my dark stories in the form of humor. I often speak of my past on podcasts and speak in the rawest form possible. I do have a filter, I just choose not to use it.

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